Amaphiko Baltimore

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During the week of August 11-20, 2018, The Red Bull Amaphiko Academy took place in Baltimore, Maryland. That was truly an amazing opportunity to local artists and entrepreneurs to get together to celebrate the power of art and the creation of new social platforms.

I had the honor and pleasure to help Brazilian artist and activist Mundano and the amazing urban art photographer Martha Cooper set up their exhibit that took place at the closing event for the Amaphiko Academy. 

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The exhibit happened inside three large shipping containers that were connected.

The first one had some of the most iconic photographs by Martha Cooper. The second had photos of "catadores" ( a name given to the street collectors that gather recycling materials) from around the world, all taken by Martha. And finally in the third container a combination of photographs, mini carts and prints telling the story of Mundano's project "Pimp MY Carroça".

An awesome experience and I am very thankful for it!!

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