Three years, twelve mural!! An amazing accomplishment that could not have happened without the support of everyone at the Annapolis Design District.

In 2017 we went international. Our first artist to paint was the Argentinian Mart Aires. With his fun-loving illustrative style he created a bright and colorful mural on the back walls of the Evolutions building.  


Our second artist was the French Pol Corona. Known for his faces, something that Corona has loved drawing ever since he was a small child. This Buenos Aires resident, brought a taste of his innocent style that can be seen on the same building as Mart Aires' mural.

pol 1.jpg

And finally our last artist was the Brazilian Apolo Torres, who painted and incredible fall schene with a blown up girl on a bike on the lateral walls of the Bay View Builders building. It took him 5 days and it was all done with rollers.

Just incredible!!


2017 was another amazing year for the Annapolis Design District Project!!! I am so honored to be able to bring such talented artists to Annapolis!