Amaphiko Baltimore

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During the week of August 11-20, 2018, The Red Bull Amaphiko Academy took place in Baltimore, Maryland. That was truly an amazing opportunity to local artists and entrepreneurs to get together to celebrate the power of art and the creation of new social platforms.

I had the honor and pleasure to help Brazilian artist and activist Mundano and the amazing urban art photographer Martha Cooper set up their exhibit that took place at the closing event for the Amaphiko Academy. 

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The exhibit happened inside three large shipping containers that were connected.

The first one had some of the most iconic photographs by Martha Cooper. The second had photos of "catadores" ( a name given to the street collectors that gather recycling materials) from around the world, all taken by Martha. And finally in the third container a combination of photographs, mini carts and prints telling the story of Mundano's project "Pimp MY Carroça".

An awesome experience and I am very thankful for it!!

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Three years, twelve mural!! An amazing accomplishment that could not have happened without the support of everyone at the Annapolis Design District.

In 2017 we went international. Our first artist to paint was the Argentinian Mart Aires. With his fun-loving illustrative style he created a bright and colorful mural on the back walls of the Evolutions building.  


Our second artist was the French Pol Corona. Known for his faces, something that Corona has loved drawing ever since he was a small child. This Buenos Aires resident, brought a taste of his innocent style that can be seen on the same building as Mart Aires' mural.

pol 1.jpg

And finally our last artist was the Brazilian Apolo Torres, who painted and incredible fall schene with a blown up girl on a bike on the lateral walls of the Bay View Builders building. It took him 5 days and it was all done with rollers.

Just incredible!!


2017 was another amazing year for the Annapolis Design District Project!!! I am so honored to be able to bring such talented artists to Annapolis!


L7M in town!!

Another fantastic Brazilian artist made his way to Annapolis, Maryland. It was an honor to host the incredible street artist L7M and the talented brazilian tattoo artist Xavi in 2017 at my house. 

As part of our platform, we are very proud to be able to help Brazilian artists promote their art and connect with our community. 

L7M painted a mural in Baltimore at A Workshop Of Our Own. The space was graciously found by Richard Best of The Creative Labs. The result is a stunning image of a pelican showcasing the ability of the artist to mix old and new technics and styles.



L7M in action


Early morning with Xavi and L7M...


The final work!!

Annapolis Art Week and Art Battle

The Art and Wine Festival, for the first time, brought local organizations together for a display and a celebration of the best art in Annapolis that lasted a whole week. The final event was the Arts and Wine Festival itself that took place at the parking lot of the Naval Academy Stadium, attracting an array of people to taste wine from over 20 different wineries, try the food from 13 awesome food trucks and participate on all the art activities under the sound of some great music!! Over 140 vendors were at the event.




Urban Walls Brazil was proud to participate on this week with an mural at the ADD Block party, a vendor's booth at the Arts and Wine Festival and as the sponsor of an Art Battle that took place on Saturday, June 10th.



With Brazilian artist Henrique Bertolotti



Local artist Erin Schweers and Colombian artist MariaBelem. The ladies... at the Art Battle.



Local artist Omar Said and Brazilian artist Henrique Belotti. The gentlemen... at the Art Battle!!

The art pieces of the 4 generous artists were actioned and the money donated to local charity organizations. YWCA, The Light House Shelter, Sarah's House and The Wellness House.

Thank you all for an amazing event!!! Congratulations to all the organizations and specially to the crew of Symmetry for making this week of ARTS possible!!



On a special note... my art was selected to be on the Arts and Wine Festival poster!!! Such a great honor!!!

Synopsis of an Urban Memoir

19 Brazilian artists, 53 pieces, 3 organizers, 2partners and an amazing place. That is what took to have an absolutely fantastic Brazilian Urban Art Exhibit in NYC.

Brazil’s “National Day of Graffiti” on March 27th was established in 1987 after the death of the artist Alex Vallauri (1949-1987), one of the pioneers of contemporary urban art in the country. Synopsis of an Urban Memoir is a group exhibition in tribute to this iconic date that aims to foster urban art as an artistic and social movement.

Each of these artists this exhibit, through their own style, represent different voices within their communities. Nevertheless, they all embrace the importance of bringing color and inspiration to public spaces. In this sense, art becomes accessible to all and strengthens the relationship between the city's inhabitants and their environment.

Larissa Ferreira (AnnexB), Roberta Bergamaschi, Roberta Pardo (UWB) and Ligia Coelho Martins (Duetto Arts NY).


With the support of CUFA (Central Utica das Favelas), Andrew Freedman House and Brazilian Consulate in NY, the Synopsis of an Urban Memoir was a great success!! A beautiful curated Exhibit that we are so proud of!!

Thanks Larissa Ferreira from AnnexB and Ligia Coelho Martins from Duetto Arts NY for the trust, love and partnership!!

What an amazing adventure!!


DC 2017

Thank you goes to the team of Dream House Studios!! What an amazing project!! 

Mateus Bailon is back... and this time to paint the entry hall of an awesome office building that is being renovated by Kim Mohr from Dream House Studios, Annapolis!!

Once again we are so proud and happy to be able to share the Brazilian talent and good vibes here in the States!!


With the amazing Mateus Bailon.

Indian Creek School

This was a great project!!! The first Street Art Mural painted in a private school in Maryland!!!

Art and Education!!


Brazilian artist Mateus Bailon painted an inspiring and colorful mural at the Indian Creek School bus garage with a beautiful message for all the kids...

"Children don't be afraid to open and wings and fly. The world is yours!"

Students had the chance to watch the process of a mural being created and coming to life. They also had an amazing "get to know the artist" talk, when they were able to ask all sort of questions and learn about the importance of Street Art.


photo by Street Art Films

Mag Magrela

In partnership with AnexB, we were proud to bring one of the top female Brazilian artist to paint in Washington DC.

Thank you Alex Goldstein from The Fridge DC and Thomas Pipkin for all the help and support!!


Photo: Roberta Pardo, Mag Magrela and Larissa Ferreira.

Galerie C.O.A

Acidum Project at Galerie C.O.A

From June 14th until August 13th, the community in Montreal will have the chance to visit the first Exhibit of the amazing Brazilian duo Acidum Project realized in North America. Galerie C.O.A is a charming gallery owned by the very enthusiastic Jean-Pascal Fournier. The exhibit Acidum Project + REMIX marked the beginning of a well deserved tour of the duo through out North America.

Photo: Roberta Pardo, Robezio Marqs, Tereza Dequinta and Jean-Pascal Fournier.

Thank you Jean-Pascal for the opportunity!!! Great job curating this amazing Exhibit!! I was a pleasure to be part of this!!

Acidum Project

With great honor Urban Walls Brazil partnered with Galerie C.O.A. and the Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada to give the Brazilian duo Acidum Project the first North America Exhibit and the only Brazilian participation of the festival in 2016.

Photo: Amy Peebles, Yan Cordeau, Roberta Pardo, Tereza Dequinta and Robezio Marqs.

Robezio Marqs and Tereza Dequinta delivered an amazing mural despite their delay getting to the festival. They were the last artists to arrive but did not disappointed!!! Fantastic way to showcase the optimism and perseverance of the Brazilian people.

Congratulations on a job well done!!

BWI Airport

If you have the chance to fly through BWI, make sure you check the new temporary exhibit of Brazilian Street Art showcased at the international wing.

During the next 3 years the area will be under renovation and 6 panels, painted by UWB artists Vermelho, Roberta Pardo, Gen Duarte, Branco, Binho and Tikka, will be seen adorning the temporary walls. The 15' X 7' panels bring color and excitement to the plain area.

Seen as a great opportunity and a true cultural exchange, UWB is extremely proud and excited with this partnership!!

Thanks everyone involved with this project!! BWI... you rock!!


photo by Brian White

DSC_0103 copy.jpg

Maryland Hall

photo Rodrigo Branco


Maryland Hall for Creative Arts was founded in 1979 by a group of artistic visionaries who believed the former Annapolis High School could best be re-used as a community arts center.  Today, their historic landmark building is the community gathering place for the arts in Annapolis.

In partnership with MHCA, the Urban Walls Brazil artists created a series of murals on the lower part of the old school building to bring color to the space and inspire the already creative students of this great institution.


photo Rodrigo Branco

photo Rodrigo Branco

photo Rodrigo Branco

photo Rodrigo Branco

photo Rodrigo Branco


Annapolis Design District

Late September, 6 Brazilian Street artists participated on the Annapolis Design District's first phase of Revitalization. The Annapolis Design District is an industrial area concentrating many home improvement businesses.

Video Brian White



Located on West Street, this Thai restaurant is part of a 2 phase project to be finished in 2015. Lemongrass’ owners, Gavin Buckley and Jodi Danek are deeply involved in the art community and support the beautification of downtown buildings with intriguing and eye catching artwork. 

Severna Park House

This whimsical water themed mural combines Street Art with home design. Created by Tikka and Gen Duarte with Vermelho’s little fly detail, the piece is the star of this Severna Park backyard. This beautiful mermaid is a perfect backdrop for spending hot summer days poolside.



Mural at Park Place in Annapolis

Annapolis' very first Street Art mural was created in partnership with MTPA (Maryland Theater for the Performance Arts). Art and culture gave life to the once barren wall thanks to 5 Brazilian artists — Binho Ribeiro, Branco, Vermelho, Tikka and Gen Duarte and 3 local Annapolis artists — Charles Lawrance, Jeff Huntington and Jesse James. 

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