erica mizutani

Erica Mizutani’s passion for art was passed down by her Japanese grandfather who specialized in the ancient craft of sculpture. Working in different mediums such as canvas, paper, screens, murals and digital, Erica’s work reveals details of her personal life that stem from a protected environment and the desire to transmit positivity. Her creations live in a surreal universe that radiate life and the vital force of nature. Her work depicts the adventures of Mizulina, a fictional character who is charged with human emotions of love, detachment and introspection. Erica transposes her own emotions into that of Mizulina and the universe which she populates, as she attempts to make sense of and deal with the internal conflicts and “worms” (feelings) that reside in her own head and universe. Erica’s visual style comes from a professional background as a graphic designer and art editor, where she further developed her skills and craft at leading media publishing and design agencies.