Happy Valentines!!


Few weeks ago I witness one amazing example of how you can express yourself through art!!

What is more romantic than propose on Valentines?? What about propose with an original Street Art work painted on a truck??? Seriously?? Arlin, I have to give to you... I knew you were creative and talented but I had no idea you were super romantic too!! 

I am going to confess... I posted this photo on all UWB media...

Since then they got married... Congratulations is in order!!!! And started their international (he is Brazilian and she is American), romantic and hopefully "art" filled life together!! Oh... almost forgot... they will be sharing all their creativity with the awesome Caju!!! Their frenchie.



For now I will leave you with Arlin's awesome new art work but I am sure we will see much more in the future from this creative couple... BTW Kacy is a photographer. 

Cheers and Enjoy!!