A lot of Catching up to do


I Cannot believe a year went by since my last blog. Shame on me!!! 

Life has kept me busy. I promise I will be updating my site pretty soon. Meanwhile I would like you to know that I have been working very hard on some exciting new projects.

Life has been kind to me. I have been able to work with some truly talented people that have touched my life and everyone around me in so many wonderful ways. 

When I created Urban Walls Brazil, my idea was to represent Brazilian artists. With time I realize that the business part of it wasn't what I was looking for. What has consistently fascinated me about ART is the history behind the artwork and above all, the connections made when art is used as a communication tool. That is why I have always been so passionated about Street Art, for its connection between artist and community.

This last year UWB morphed into a social conscious project creator and we finally found our voice and our place.

Cultural exchange ha always been the base of all we have stood for but now our base is stronger and more meaningful because we added education to it.

Stay tune for more news and a whole new Urban Walls Brazil!!!