Art is Powerful!!

I do not want to get into politics. I come from a country that has suffered from corruption for as long as I can remember. Growing up I witnessed presidents being impeached, our Brazilian currency loosing all its value, our money and bank accounts being frozen by the government... and many more horrific and devastating acts agains the people of that amazing country.

As we start a new chapter in the history of the United States of America, my prayers are for all the minorities, women and children of my new homeland.

I am an immigrant!!! I understand what is to start over in a new place. Fortunately I had the means to make my journey an easier one but many don't.

A society should be build on equality, diversity, love and respect. We are all humans... no matter what color, race, religion or background. 

The world is shrinking around us with all the new technology and increase on social media. We know what is going on around the world with the touch of a button... scary to realize that. This is the time to learn about, accept, share and celebrate our differences.

The Women March that happened last Saturday was a powerful display of community. We are all concerned for our future and for what the next 4 years will bring, so we are clinging to our hope and solidarity.

Art was present at the march in many ways... my favorite posters were done by Shepard Fairey.

These posters read "We the People..."

Defend dignity

Are greater than fear

Protect each other

Isn't it the way it should be??

Much love, respect and hope to all!!!