Magrela in Town

Last month we were lucky enough to receive Brazilian artist Mag Magrela in Maryland for a quick visit and mural painting in Washington DC.


Magrela is known for her creature like women paintings and murals. A charismatic person with a great knowledge of astronomy, she enchanted all with her wit and strength. As a brazilain artist she had to fight against the macho culture of the streets. She demonstrates her resilience in her work.

It was a pleasure to have her here in Maryland and share her vision of what it is to be a woman and an artist in Brazil now a days.

Roberta Pardo, Mag Magrela and Larissa Ferreira


Her presence in DC and her new mural happened with the help of few people. Larissa Ferreira from AnnexB, who brought Mag to the States for an Art Residence, Thomas Pipkin from Petworth Alliance who found us the wall and Alex Goldstein from The Fridge Gallery in Washington DC, who allowed us to paint on his wall!! Thank you all for being part of this cool project!!

After DC Magrela went back to NYC where she was having her first solo Exhibit in the States and then... back to Brazil to continue her amazing work and to bring, always, awareness to women issues in that colorful but man ruled society!!