Olympic Games 2016

Kobra 2016

Yes... the 2016 Olympic Games were being held in Brazil. Despite their political turmoil, ever deflating economy and Zika!!!

As a Brazilian lover, my heart breaks to see in what state that wonderful country is.... but at the same time it is always so inspirational to witness the perseverance of the Brazilian people.

It did not happen without the normal hick ups cause by few of the NOT so appropriate athletes and a confusing organization on the start. But in the end the Australians got what they want and were happy with not only their new accommodations but with the free press that their complain brought back... and... we will have few more stories to tell thanks to some international characters... "Do you lie a little or do you lie a Lochte???" ( one of my faves!!)

The art scene was also amazing!!! With artists like JR, Kobra and an array of talented Brazilian artists sharing their work with everyone in Rio and around the world!! The Olympics were celebrated with some pretty fantastic installations and murals in Rio de Janeiro.


JR 2016

And then... the Olympics were over and what was left was a country that still have some serious political and economical issues... but also a country that showcased with grace,  love and beautiful art what the Olympics stand for... solidarity, respect and fun!!


Paulo Ito 2016

Marcelo Eco and Mundano 2016

TARM 2016