It is April!!!

The sun is out... spring is in the air... and new murals are appearing in Annapolis!! 

Last Saturday I ran into local artists Jeff Huntington and Jason Liggett and cinematografo Brian White (check out his UWB t-shirt!!) at the back of local Coffee shop 49West. They were working on a new mural. 

If you haven't heard about the controversy on the Tsunami mural, just know that Annapolis is a historical town (and an amazing one!!) and have had some issues finding balance between old and new.

I am not here to judge either side but as an advocate for public art I think it is extremely refreshing to witness the birth of Street Art in this town!!! As long the history and past of this fantastic town, that I so much adore, is respected I am ALL more art around!!

Cudos to Jeff Huntington, Jimi Ha-Ha, Gavin Buckley, Jody Danek, Scott Herbst and every single person that work so hard to bring culture, art and color to Annapolis!!