Happy Belated 2016!!

Ok... I confess... keeping a blog is not my strength... but I will try harder in 2016!! Ironically it is February and I haven't posted anything this year... oh well!! 

Before we talk about the new year I have to go back to December 2015 when I had one of the best experiences of my artistic life!!!

Art Basel 2015 with the amazing Brazilian artists Chivitz, Minhau, Vermelho and Mateu Velasco.

Art Basel Miami 2015!!!

What an amazing experience!!! I never witness so much intriguing art, quality galleries and talented artists in one place. 

You are probably asking how someone involved in the art world has never been to an event like this??!? Well... no apologies... I just never had the time!! Family kept me busy... 

I was very surprised (in a good way) to see so many Brazilian artists in town. I was honored to meet some of them. Cobra, Nove Digitalorganico, Chivitz, Minhau, Vermelho, Mateu Velasco, Matheus Bailon, Cranio, Binho, Feik, Enivo, Hayashi, Sipros, Sliks, Marina Zumi to name a few.

With Matheus Bailon and his amazing mural!!

Off corse Wynwood was packet with an array of international talented artists. New murals were being painted in every corner and names like Logan Hicks, The London Police, Case, Alex Diaz, Inti and so many more, were the force behind the success of the 2015 Wynwood revolution.

Unfortunately I did not have much time to visit all the art fairs... but the few I went to made me realize how inspiring and soul filling Art Basel is. This year I am planing on taking more time off so I can explore all the fairs, visit more Galleries and connect to many more artists. 

My verdict... Everyone should go to Art Basel at least once in their life time!! If not twice... or three times... I will try to go as often as possible!! It is a must!!

Nove Digitalorganico's mural at Wynwood, 2015.

So.... maybe I will see you at the Art Basel 2016!!