Right Place... Right Time

Some people believe that things happen for a reason... I am not sure what I think about that but for sure I believe that being on the right place at the right time can definitely be pretty awesome!!!

Two weeks ago I went on a long weekend trip with my husband to Vienna, Austria to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. Off course I had to get in touch with Nychos and arrange a studio visit... a trip is not a trip without Street Art!!


Nychos and his crew were absolutely a delight to get to know!!! The visit was amazing and to see him working in his environment was very insightful!!

On that same weekend, I learned that the amazing Martha Cooper and the Brazilian artist Mundano were having the opening of their exhibit in Vienna.

What an amazing coincidence!!! 


Their exhibit was a showcase of Martha's photos of tagged trains from the 1980s and photos of Mundano's new project "Pinp my Caroça".

What an honor to meet such an icon of the Street Art World as Martha !!! Also a delight to meet Mundano, whose work and dedication has amazed me for quite a while!!

What a successful trip!!! Loved to be back to this wonderful city and get to know some pretty awesome artists!!


With Martha Cooper

With Mundano