A Great Experience!!

Thanksgiving!!! Family time. Sharing time. Time to be thankful!! What am I thankful for I ask?? My family... off course, friends... yeah sure, health... undoubtedly, UWB... my baby!!!!!

Someone asked me this week what was the best part of UWB??!? I did not have to think too hard to answer that... for me the chance to meet and work with so many creative and talented people is absolutely the best!! And I am so thankful for that!!

Having the chance to know each of my artists in a more personal level has been a great experience. I hope one day I will be able to tell their story, our story... hey... there is a book on the making!!

Although the artists are a big part of what is going on, they are not the only ones that have brought something special to my life. Every single person involved on the creation and  development of UWB have been amazing.



When I decided to start UWB, I had the chance to meet with one amazing Brazilian designer and came up with the idea to create a print out of my artists work. The designer was Carol Arbex. She created a print and designed a dress for me, which I wore at the launching party for my website. She also design t-shirts with the art work and signatures of 5 of the artists I represent. 

That was quite an experience... I learn a lot about the creative mind in the fashion industry and how much work goes into conceiving something like that. Choosing the right drawing, design, color and concept, all came with its own challenges and thrills. 

This is just a small sample of the amazing people that are making what UWB is. A true partnership among all kind of art people. Incredibly creative art people.

How luck am I??? I guess I have to be Thankful!!