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Legal Exhibit at Verve Gallery in Sāo Paulo, Brazil. With Gen Duarte, Vermelho and Tikka

I am taking over MY blog. I guess I am realizing that this is not about my projects or accomplishments, but this is about my personal experiences... or at least that is what i think!!

So here we go... It has been an amazing trip!!! It is hard to believe that about a year ago I was trying to figure out what was missing in my life. I had the perfect husband (he truly is) 3 great kids and a great life but still something was missing.

I got involved with the art scene in the area because I needed to do something for myself. You have probably felt the same... we get so tide up with family and school affairs that we forget about ourselves. 

Art has always been my second passion, right behind the horses... I used to be a horse trainer and international dressage competitor until I had kids.

That is when it daunted me.... what was missing was passion!! Not love but passion. I had enough love in my life but passion... that feeling I used to have everyday when I had to wake up early to go to the barn and even after 12 grueling hours of physical work, day after day... months without a day off, I would still consider my self so luck to be doing what I was doing.

So... this is the history about my new PASSION and how an Art Exhibit changed my life. This is about following your dreams and believing that anything can happen!!

Stay tuned for more...

With Tikka at Verve Gallery

Photos Diego Santo Vito