New Murals for Annapolis

photo Brian White

This year UWB artists, Gen Duarte, Vermelho, Branco, Ciro Schu, Arlin Graff and Ju Violeta participated in the Annapolis Design District’s first phase of revitalization.  The Annapolis Design District is an industrial area concentrating many home improvement businesses.


The strength and beauty of Street Art in Brazil, is caused by the pure representation,  through vivid colors and strong lines, of the optimism and perseverance found in the Brazilian people.  The art work selected for the Annapolis Design District space is a representation of all the above with some added local flair. Two amazing and talented local artists, Jeff Huntington and Jimi HaHa, were selected to share this experience with the Brazilian artists.  Their collaboration displayed the power and beauty of street art.  



artist Vermelho   photo Brian White


artist Gen Duarte   photo Brian White


artist Arlin Graff   photo Rodrigo Branco


artist Ciro Schu   photo Brian White

art Ju Violeta