A lot of Catching up to do


I Cannot believe a year went by since my last blog. Shame on me!!! 

Life has kept me busy. I promise I will be updating my site pretty soon. Meanwhile I would like you to know that I have been working very hard on some exciting new projects.

Life has been kind to me. I have been able to work with some truly talented people that have touched my life and everyone around me in so many wonderful ways. 

When I created Urban Walls Brazil, my idea was to represent Brazilian artists. With time I realize that the business part of it wasn't what I was looking for. What has consistently fascinated me about ART is the history behind the artwork and above all, the connections made when art is used as a communication tool. That is why I have always been so passionated about Street Art, for its connection between artist and community.

This last year UWB morphed into a social conscious project creator and we finally found our voice and our place.

Cultural exchange ha always been the base of all we have stood for but now our base is stronger and more meaningful because we added education to it.

Stay tune for more news and a whole new Urban Walls Brazil!!!




Art is Powerful!!

I do not want to get into politics. I come from a country that has suffered from corruption for as long as I can remember. Growing up I witnessed presidents being impeached, our Brazilian currency loosing all its value, our money and bank accounts being frozen by the government... and many more horrific and devastating acts agains the people of that amazing country.

As we start a new chapter in the history of the United States of America, my prayers are for all the minorities, women and children of my new homeland.

I am an immigrant!!! I understand what is to start over in a new place. Fortunately I had the means to make my journey an easier one but many don't.

A society should be build on equality, diversity, love and respect. We are all humans... no matter what color, race, religion or background. 

The world is shrinking around us with all the new technology and increase on social media. We know what is going on around the world with the touch of a button... scary to realize that. This is the time to learn about, accept, share and celebrate our differences.

The Women March that happened last Saturday was a powerful display of community. We are all concerned for our future and for what the next 4 years will bring, so we are clinging to our hope and solidarity.

Art was present at the march in many ways... my favorite posters were done by Shepard Fairey.

These posters read "We the People..."

Defend dignity

Are greater than fear

Protect each other

Isn't it the way it should be??

Much love, respect and hope to all!!!



Happy New Year!!!

Hard to believe 2017 is already here. A new year bringing hope , expectations and surprises. 2016 was a great year for Urban Walls Brazil. It was a year filled with projects and the chance to meet new and incredible art related people.

We hosted amazing Brazilian artists like Tereza Dequinta e Robezio Marqs from Acidum Project, Mag Magrela, Mateu Velasco and Mateus Bailon.

Our projects ranged from sponsoring Brazilian artists abroad (talking about you Erika Mizutami) to helping them on their struggle to get to Mural Festivals... long story, right Acidum Project??

We were honored and trilled to be part of the history making of Street Art in Annapolis. A town, yet, virgem to this kind of Urban Art that has so kindly open their arm to us and embraced our Annapolis Design District project in a wonderful way.

2016 was also a year with great Art Fairs. Unfortunately we were not able to make it to Art Basel Miami, but we followed all the excitement through the posts and comments from our art lover friends.

Our network was blessed with a number of fantastic art people and new partnership were formed. A lot to come in 2017!!! 

Back in Brazil to celebrate the Holidays, we visited Mateu Velasco on Rio de Janeiro and met a new group of Brazilian artists (the cariocas)!! And I have to be thankful for their hospitality!!

In Sao Paulo we were received with so much love by some of our friends!!! Thank you Ciro for hosting the Barbecue. Thanks everyone that came!! I would have loved to have ALL my Brazilians there... To all the artists that were not invited you were not forgotten!! I really think and want to help and meet you all!!! But... it will take time to accomplish ALL that i want to do. 

2017 is here and it will be a GREAT year!!!

Many projects are already on the way to become a reality!!! 

Meanwhile I wish everyone a year filled with love, peace, health, success and ART!!! Hopefully we will have the chance to meet or work together this year!!

Much love,






Right Place... Right Time

Some people believe that things happen for a reason... I am not sure what I think about that but for sure I believe that being on the right place at the right time can definitely be pretty awesome!!!

Two weeks ago I went on a long weekend trip with my husband to Vienna, Austria to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. Off course I had to get in touch with Nychos and arrange a studio visit... a trip is not a trip without Street Art!!


Nychos and his crew were absolutely a delight to get to know!!! The visit was amazing and to see him working in his environment was very insightful!!

On that same weekend, I learned that the amazing Martha Cooper and the Brazilian artist Mundano were having the opening of their exhibit in Vienna.

What an amazing coincidence!!! 


Their exhibit was a showcase of Martha's photos of tagged trains from the 1980s and photos of Mundano's new project "Pinp my Caroça".

What an honor to meet such an icon of the Street Art World as Martha !!! Also a delight to meet Mundano, whose work and dedication has amazed me for quite a while!!

What a successful trip!!! Loved to be back to this wonderful city and get to know some pretty awesome artists!!


With Martha Cooper

With Mundano


Before Mateu Velasco and Mateus Bailon headed back to their regular lives, they had the chance to paint their last mural, during their stay in Maryland, in the great city of Baltimore.... thanks to Richard Best from Section 1 !!


Mateus Bailon

Mateu Velasco

What an amazing month we had with these two artists!!! A real pleasure to get to know them better!!! The house feels very empty without them but I am sure... at least I hope, they will be back!!!  They will be back to share their talent, friendship and life experiences with us again!!!


Art and Education

Last week the Brazilian artist Mateus Bailon painted a giant mural at Indian Creek School in Crownsville, Maryland. This marks the beginning of a series of mural we want to bring to school in the area. 

This was an unique and amazing experience that brought artist, art and students together. Through out the days that Mateus was working on the mural, teachers brought groups of students outside to learn about the process of designing and painting a mural.

The connection between artist and students was quite amazing... eager to learn... kids were asking incessant questions and could not have enough of how fast the mural was changing.

The response was not only by students. Staff and parents were also amazed and appreciative of such a beautiful and empowering mural.

We are hoping this will be the first of many murals in the schools around this area and to be able to share and teach kids the importance of art in our lives. Art can give them a powerful and true voice!!

"Art and Education" always...


Magrela in Town

Last month we were lucky enough to receive Brazilian artist Mag Magrela in Maryland for a quick visit and mural painting in Washington DC.


Magrela is known for her creature like women paintings and murals. A charismatic person with a great knowledge of astronomy, she enchanted all with her wit and strength. As a brazilain artist she had to fight against the macho culture of the streets. She demonstrates her resilience in her work.

It was a pleasure to have her here in Maryland and share her vision of what it is to be a woman and an artist in Brazil now a days.

Roberta Pardo, Mag Magrela and Larissa Ferreira


Her presence in DC and her new mural happened with the help of few people. Larissa Ferreira from AnnexB, who brought Mag to the States for an Art Residence, Thomas Pipkin from Petworth Alliance who found us the wall and Alex Goldstein from The Fridge Gallery in Washington DC, who allowed us to paint on his wall!! Thank you all for being part of this cool project!!

After DC Magrela went back to NYC where she was having her first solo Exhibit in the States and then... back to Brazil to continue her amazing work and to bring, always, awareness to women issues in that colorful but man ruled society!!

Olympic Games 2016

Kobra 2016

Yes... the 2016 Olympic Games were being held in Brazil. Despite their political turmoil, ever deflating economy and Zika!!!

As a Brazilian lover, my heart breaks to see in what state that wonderful country is.... but at the same time it is always so inspirational to witness the perseverance of the Brazilian people.

It did not happen without the normal hick ups cause by few of the NOT so appropriate athletes and a confusing organization on the start. But in the end the Australians got what they want and were happy with not only their new accommodations but with the free press that their complain brought back... and... we will have few more stories to tell thanks to some international characters... "Do you lie a little or do you lie a Lochte???" ( one of my faves!!)

The art scene was also amazing!!! With artists like JR, Kobra and an array of talented Brazilian artists sharing their work with everyone in Rio and around the world!! The Olympics were celebrated with some pretty fantastic installations and murals in Rio de Janeiro.


JR 2016

And then... the Olympics were over and what was left was a country that still have some serious political and economical issues... but also a country that showcased with grace,  love and beautiful art what the Olympics stand for... solidarity, respect and fun!!


Paulo Ito 2016

Marcelo Eco and Mundano 2016

TARM 2016

Cultural Exchange!!

Last November the Baltimore International Airport open an Exhibit of Brazilian Street Art. For the next 3 years, 6 large panels from artists Vermelho, Rodrigo Branco, Gen Duarte, Binho, Tikka and myself, will be adoring the plain white walls of the international wing that is under renovation.

The question that surfaced was “Why Brazilian Art”?? BWI does not fly to Brazil… and my answer is “Why Not”??? 

Art is about culture, communities and people. Bringing a colorful and exciting Brazilian Street Art Exhibit to the airport will only entice the visitors curiosity about a new place. Off course… I know they do not fly direct to Brazil… but if enough interest would arise… they could!!! Right??

We should valorize our local art!!! And BWI does a fantastic job on that sense, they really do!!! But it is so refreshing to see that at the same time they are open to something different and new. Thank you BWI for this amazing opportunity and fantastic partnership!!!

     cul·tur·al    kəlCH(ə)rəl/ adjectiv/ of or relating to the ideas, arts, customs, and social behavior of a society.

            ex.change  iksˈCHānj/ noun/ an act of giving one thing and receiving another (especially of the same type or value) in return.



Grandma Nena

On April 16 at the Gallery A7MA, in Sāo Paulo, Brazil, a very special exhibit had its grand opening. The artist is one of the owner's grandmother, Mrs Nena Madalena Naif was born in 1948 into a modest family in Sāo Jose dos Campos, Brazil. She never ha a chance to get education and it was only after loosing her ability to talk after two strokes in 2008 that she started painting. With the incentive of her grandson, artist Enivo, she found a new way of communication and an amazing artist was born. Her art can be found among collectors in Italy, Germany, the United States and Brazil.

For sure this is a inspirational story that shows how art can change and enhance someones life. We can all find our voices through art!!!!!


Grandma Nena

It is April!!!

The sun is out... spring is in the air... and new murals are appearing in Annapolis!! 

Last Saturday I ran into local artists Jeff Huntington and Jason Liggett and cinematografo Brian White (check out his UWB t-shirt!!) at the back of local Coffee shop 49West. They were working on a new mural. 

If you haven't heard about the controversy on the Tsunami mural, just know that Annapolis is a historical town (and an amazing one!!) and have had some issues finding balance between old and new.

I am not here to judge either side but as an advocate for public art I think it is extremely refreshing to witness the birth of Street Art in this town!!! As long the history and past of this fantastic town, that I so much adore, is respected I am ALL more art around!!

Cudos to Jeff Huntington, Jimi Ha-Ha, Gavin Buckley, Jody Danek, Scott Herbst and every single person that work so hard to bring culture, art and color to Annapolis!!


Happy Valentines!!


Few weeks ago I witness one amazing example of how you can express yourself through art!!

What is more romantic than propose on Valentines?? What about propose with an original Street Art work painted on a truck??? Seriously?? Arlin, I have to give to you... I knew you were creative and talented but I had no idea you were super romantic too!! 

I am going to confess... I posted this photo on all UWB media...

Since then they got married... Congratulations is in order!!!! And started their international (he is Brazilian and she is American), romantic and hopefully "art" filled life together!! Oh... almost forgot... they will be sharing all their creativity with the awesome Caju!!! Their frenchie.



For now I will leave you with Arlin's awesome new art work but I am sure we will see much more in the future from this creative couple... BTW Kacy is a photographer. 

Cheers and Enjoy!!